Small screen heartthrob Kushal Tandon, who is currently winning hearts as Arjun on Sony TV’s Beyhadh, gets to showcase many shades of his character on the show.

Many of his traits make him quite like us. Are you also like him?

Let’s find out. Shall we? Take a look:

Positive and cool:
Arjun never takes tension and has positive and cool attitude in every situation.

A best friend:
No matter how much you pull each other’s legs, you’re there for him/her and vice versa. Only you have the right to fight with your friend and if anyone else dares to do so, you are there to fight the world. His relationship with Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) is a unique one. If you’ve someone like this in your life too, you know you’re Arjun!

A dreamer:
Do you love to day dream a lot? If yes, then you are Arjun because the guy is ambitious and dreams big. He desperately wants name, fame and money.

A helping hand:
He is always there to help people around him. He never listens to anyone else if he finds someone in trouble. Arjun has proved his helping nature many times, especially when he has gone against his family for Maya (Jennifer Winget).

Not confessing love with words:
Arjun doesn’t confess his love for his loved ones through words. He loves his Mom, his bestie Saanjh, his brother, but ends up irritating them…even though he cares for them.

Is Arjun your favourite character on small screen?