Some love stories are bound to go down in history as epic tales of passion. We can be sure that Mehek and Shaurya of Mehek is one such pair. From their nok-jhoks to unparalleled affection that’s hidden behind many layers, the two are truly made for each other. We tell you why your love story could be like theirs…take a look:

Complement each other:

While Mehek is middle-class and ambitious, Shaurya is rich and haughty. But when they come together, they are completely in sync. If you and our partner are polls apart, but gel like no other, you’re definitely like Mehek and Shaurya.


Mehek is passionate about her cooking and Shaurya knows that he can make anything happen with his willpower, attitude, and money. It’s always good to be passionate about things in life. In fact, it’s this spirit that brings them at loggerheads and eventually makes them fall in love with each other.

If, like these two, you and your partner also revolve around food…you could be the next Mehek and Shaurya! The show’s central theme is khaana and it’s endearing to see two diametrically opposite people bond over dishes. That’s life in a nutshell, eh?

Virtual meet-up:

Mehek met the love of her life aka Karela King (Shaurya) online. They shared each other’s worries and acted as support systems without realising that they were pitted against each other in real life. Did you also meet a ‘humdum’ in the virtual world and fall hard for him/her in real?

Fighter cocks:

While they were termed as fighter cocks, they started developing feelings for each other. If your story is similar, brace yourselves…you’ve a leading love story for the world!
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