Paridhi Sharma who has been stealing everyone’s heart as Jodha is superbly talented, and has grown as an actor over the years.

She has gained phenomenal fan following from her ongoing show Jodha Akbar and people simply admire the ease with which she acts on-screen.

Hence, to fulfill everyone’s wish, here are 5 tips from the lady herself to become a good actor. Read on…

Thorough preparation

To become a better actor I think the foremost thing is to do thorough preparation. It is very important to be prepared before you gear up for the next step. I think newcomers should have a foundation in theater, as this will be a great learning experience for them.

Focused and determined

Our industry is a glamorous world and dreams don’t come true overnight. It is very important to be focused and determined to achieve greater heights. It requires a lot of hard work and patience.

Good observer

Good observation pays dividends, and helps a lot in everyone’s life. You can observe your friends, family, and people walking on the street and explore that thought in your acting.

Enhance knowledge

Knowledge is like a river which has no end. In the same way, learning new things should never end. For an actor, it is needed to be aware of everything happening around the globe, as this brings maturity and assurance.

Keep practicing

It is well said that ‘Practice makes a man and woman perfect’. In the same way, keep practicing and never give up. Always be honest in what you do.

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