Abhi and Tanu get caught in a hotel room during a police raid!

Kumkum Bhagya takes an interesting turn as Abhi and Tanu will now be arrested. Tanu and Aliya have always planned to seperate Abhi and Pragya using unimaginable tactics. One such tactic of Tanu will now backfire!

In order to seperate Abhi and Pragya, Tanu gets Abhi drunk. When Abhi is not in his senses, Tanu takes him to a hotel room. Just when she is about to get intimate with him, cops break open the door. The police had raided the hotel and Abhi and Tanu get stuck. Tanu tries to convince the cops by telling them that Abhi and Tanu are from good families. Abhi in a drunken state tells them that she is Fuggi, his secretary.

But the cops refuse to listen to them and arrest them. Meanwhile, Pragya and Purab are on the lookout for Abhi. They reach the hotel but are too late!

How will Pragya get Abhi out of the mess he is in now?

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