Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka is now tuning into a high point drama.

It’s usually the fairly wedded couple who randomly start fighting and the parents from both the parties get them together and explain them the meaning of marriage. But Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka adds a unique blend by showing this practice the other way round.

Aryan and Sanchi love each other way too much. But their families do not get along with each other. The protagonists have been dealing with the situations life hurled at them with a lot of patience, but now, the only option left for them is to live without each other.

Giving the last attempt at uniting the families, Aaryan and Sanchi have planned to stage their divorce!

In the upcoming episodes, Aryan will land up at Sanchi’s home with the divorce papers. Shocked on receiving the papers from Aryan himself, Sanchi’s mother requests Aryan to solve the problems the two face as a couple instead of parting ways, but Aryan will refuse to do so.

A source informs, “Aryan and Sanchi have enacted this divorce. While Aryan will ask for a divorce, Sanchi, on the other hand, will refuse to sign the divorce papers.”

Let’s hope for all to be well soon between Aryan and Sanchi’s families!