Looks like fate is never on her side.

Star Plus’ much loved show Naamkaran has been witnessing interesting twists and high points keeping the viewers hooked on to the show.

Adding to the twist, we will see Avni’s (Aditi Rahtore) truth coming in front of Bebe (Neelu Kohli), after which she will be very angry while Avni is left in tears as everyone will allegate her of doing wrong.

Neil’s father will try to side with Avni, but he will fail to do so as he cannot speak much before Bebe.

Not knowing what to do, Avni tries her best to justify her stance as to how she did so only to be able to stay with the family because of all the love she received there.

Bebe will be fuming in anger and will not want Avni to stay in the house. Meanwhile, Avni will miss Neil’s (Zain Imam) presence because he isn’t seen anywhere around as she will think that had he been there she would have some support.

Will Avni be able to convince Bebe and others and stay in the house? Or, will she be left with no other option?

To know what happens, keep reading this space.