Bigg Boss Season 11 can definitely be termed as one of the most testing seasons of the series for both the inmates and for the viewers.

The contestants are leaving no stone unturned to be on the top of the game. From constant fights to annoying other inmates and getting on each other’s nerves, the contestants have tried and tested all the strategies.

For which, the contestants have also faced repercussions for their actions, infact, a single week has not passed by when host Salman Khan has NOT reprimanded the housemates.

However, we have to admit that Shilpa Shinde took her feuding with Vikas Gupta to an all time low when she constantly badgered Vikas with personal taunts and left no stone unturned to mentally harass him.

And irrespective of whether or not the housemates took a stand for Vikas, his pals outside the house took to social media and made their displeasure quite evident on the social media platform.