Priyank Sharma talks about him coming back to the show.

Priyank Sharma, known for his stints in reality shows like Splitsvilla and Roadies entered Bigg Boss 11 and before anyone knew it, he was sent out of the house as he broke the ultimate rule of ‘No Violence’ in the show.

However, while many weren’t very happy about this, the fans were eagerly yearning his return to the show. And now, looks like their wishes have been granted, because, Priyank will be entering the Bigg Boss Season 11 house as a wildcard entrant along with Dhinchak Pooja sometime soon.

We got in touch with Priyank, and here is what he had to say.

You’ve always told that you don’t regret being sent out of the house. Now that you are going back, what do you have to say about it?

I am really happy that I am going to the house, and I am very very excited about it as well. When I got the call, you won’t believe that I started jumping on the sofa of my living room and my mom was like calm down, it is Diwali. Though I won’t be able to celebrate Diwali with them, but this is also very important.

Now that you’ve been out of the house, you must have seen the show. Anything that you have in mind for once you’re inside?

There is nothing really that I have in mind, but one thing I noticed is that I’ve got a better vision and a better sense towards things now. I was evicted because of something that went wrong, so one thing I do know is I am not touching anyone in the house and not letting anyone touch me either but yes, I’ve got a better sense to tackle things now.

Many might find you coming back to the house unfair. What do you have to say about it?

See, I’ll tell you there is nothing like fair or unfair. Whatever I did that time, I did it because I was taking a stand for what I thought is right, though it wasn’t the best way to do it. And, Salman Khan did his part right, because there are certain rules and regulations of the house and if you don’t follow them, you’re out of the house. So, he did his thing and I did mine, and in fact, he also supported me. Plus, the people out there went mad when I was out of the house. I am going back and it is definitely good for me, but we’ll see whatever happens next.

Recently, Vikas Gupta lost his captaincy because he became violent. Your comment on the entire fiasco that happened.

See, one thing I know is, if people are coming out, there has to be some reason to it. Aisa toh hai nahi ki doodh ke dhule hai sab. I think there has to be some reason that Vikas went out of his way. Because vo log abhi bhi sudhre nahi hai, vo abi b vese hi hain. So chances are it could be a reflex action, you never know.

You became really good friends with Hina for as long as you were in the house and that ignited a lot of rumours. Does that affect you in any way?

No, not at all. I am still going to continue being there for her as a friend, and in fact, Benafsha is also there. So I will try to be there for my close ones. I am not telling that there will be no fight and no arguments, but that is all a part of the show. There certainly is a healthy kind of relationship, and even if someone is trying to mess with me for that matter, there will be a level of dignity to it.

Your message for the fans.

I really want to thank my fans for having helped me be back in the show. It is only because of their prayers that I came back. Bigg Boss for me is a major platform, and after having done two major reality shows, going back to the show is indeed a big thing.

Priyank will soon be entering the Bigg Boss House, and we wish him all the very best. Are you excited to see him back? Leave your comments below.