Wonder how will Shilpa react..

The feud between Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta has mounted for the maximum drama so far in the Bigg Boss 11 house and the inclusion of these people is truly serving its purpose.

Last night saw yet another clash where Vikas confronted Shilpa for apparently telling Arshi Khan that they have been friends from the outside world. Shilpa chose to ignore and continued to sing her way out of it.

However, this did not go down too well with Vikas and he lost his temper asking for an answer. Though there was no development on it, the other housemates decided to side with Vikas on this and even boycotted Shilpa not talking to her for two hours. The only person who was with Shilpa in this was Akash Dadlani.

What happened later was Vikas reaching at the peak of his temper as he took some of Shilpa’s belongings and threw them outside in the pool.

We wonder how will Shilpa react to this.