You know what’s even better than an on-screen romance? An on-screen love triangle!

After all, which girl would not want two gorgeous men fighting over her affection?

Love stories are often more interesting when there is a ‘third’ person involved. There are some pairs on your television screen that get involved in famous love triangles that you love to hate or hate to love.

Our television shows are full of such romantic triangles. Let’s take a look at the most popular on-screen love triangles of the year 2016!

Maya, Arjun and Saanjh in Beyhadh on Sony TV: There are very few shows on TV that have a scale as impressive as the movies. Beyhadh is one of them. Maya, Arjun, and Saanjh set the screen on fire with their chemistryand it sure is a visual treat for the fans. Saanjh is also Arjun’s childhood friend and finds him to be the perfect man as her husband, but her dreams of proposing and marrying him are devastated when Arjun’s boss Maya becomes obsessed with him and wants Arjun to be an essential part of her life forever! Will Saanjh’s dreams ever see the face of light? Beyhadh is nothing but an intriguing blend of intense drama, fresh concept, and Jennifer-Kushal-Aneri’s performances!

Naira, Kartik and Gayu in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on Star Plus: ‘KaiRa’ fans have loved the chemistry of the two so much that they would never want to see them grow apart. But their equation changed when Gayu developed feelings for Kartik leaving the audience biting their nails! Kartik proposed to Naira and she said ‘NO’ for her sisters happiness and by this time, the entire family had called Kartik home to have a word with Kartik about a matrimonial alliance (Shaadi) with Gayu. But all was later on panned out well and destiny brought them together.

Pragya, Abhi and Tanu in Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV: Abhi and Pragya love each other but can’t become one as a couple. The reason being his sister, Aaliya and her best friend Tanu who are the vamps. Tanu wants to get married to Abhi for claiming a right over his exuberant property and Aaliya is supporting her so that she can claim a good division in the property hack. Tanu fakes her pregnancy to get married to Abhi. Pragya may be ‘bechari’ but now, she is also ‘dumb’ because she cannot justify her pregnancy which has stretched beyond insane limits and she still continues to fight for her right, respect and position as Abhi’s wife in the family (yes even post the leap!).

Shivangi, Rocky and Shesha in Naagin 2 on Colors: The audience could not stop loving the brilliant love triangle saga between Shesha, Rithik and Shivanya clubbed with vengeance and soon came the second season of Naagin bringing another generation of the characters as Rocky – Yamini’s son, Shivangi – Shivanya’s daughter and Shesha – who has forever been wicked. Shivangi fell in love with Rocky but the story entered a dramatic twist when Shivangi’s mother was killed by Rocky’s cruel family, thereby giving a wicked twist to the show. Shesha, who in the last season wanted to win over Rithik, is now trying to woo Rocky. The supernatural factor plays a major role in changing the story line of the show.

Ravish, Vividha and Artharv in Jaana Naa Dil Se Door on Star Plus: This story has been the most dramatic one, much to the amusement of the viewers. Pick any Bollywood movie and you will be able to notice a stark similarity where the hero and heroine hate each other and later fall head over heals in love with each other. A villain is most required to stop the love affair and hence enters Vividha’s dad, who desperately wants his daughter to get married to an eligible bachelor for which he arranges a groom swap as situations do not permit him to do anything better! Amidst all of this drama, Ravish loses his sanity, Vividha still has her heart going out for him, and Ravish, even after knowing that she does not love him, accepts her as his wife as he truly loves her.

Asha, Ashish and Neela in Naamkarann on Star Plus: This is an unconventional story about Ashish and Asha/Ayesha who are in a live-in relationship and give birth to a love child – Avani. This is unknown to the rest of the world and specially Ashish’s family and his mother. But as soon as his mother comes to know, she resorts to innumerable stunts and even a suicide drama! Dayavanti – Ashish’s mother wants Ashish to get married with Neela, the girl who loves Ashish and is Dayavanti’s choice as her daughter-in-law!

Which of these turned out to be the most twisted and intriguing one for you? Leave in your comments below!