We never really expected these shows to do well for whatsoever reasons. However, they did turn up to do great, impressing the audience with each passing day. Read on.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door : The leads of the show Shivani Surve and Vikram Singh Chauhan, are a rage with the audience, all thanks to their portrayal of Vividha and Atharva. With relatively lesser known faces as the leads, the show was expected to barely make it. And adding to the concerns was the show’s early timeslot of 5:30pm. But it surprised us completely. The show has a crazy fan following today.
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste : The show starred Namik Paul and Nikita Dutta as the leads. While Nikita was a recognizable face, Namik was relatively lesser known. And as usual, assumptions that the show wouldn’t work as it did not have a very popular face started doing the rounds. But Namik and Nikita performed way past the expectations and took the show to a new height. Their chemistry accompanied by the storyline of the show made it a show to look out for.
Bahu Hamari Rajni_kant : Firstly, the show was not promoted much. Secondly, this show also did not have any well known faces. But looks like the concept of the show turned out to be a winner. The show with a robot as the bahu and the main lead, clicked well with the audience. And not to mention, the quality of humor served by the show, made this show a surprise package.
May I Come In Madam? : This Life OK show, again, has a lesser known star cast. But the basic plot of how Sajan falls in love with his boss and how he handles his feelings at home in front of his wife, has us all laughing our guts out. What more, the fact that after Life OK’s much publicised revamp, May I Come In Madam, will be one of the shows that the channel is planning on retaining, proves our point that this is one show that we did not expect would work so well.
Udaan : Udaan is one exception to this list. The show technically does not make it to the BestOf2016 list, as the show has been running since 2014 and has also achieved good TRPs. But the new protagonists were introduced this year itself. And unlike in some shows where the grown up leads are not able to carry the show like their childhood counterparts, the leads Paras Arora, Meera Deosthale, Vidhi Pandya and Vijayendra Kumeria have taken the show to new heights.

These shows surprised us as they managed to click with the audience from amongst the many shows that are currently airing and considered a strong competition.