Supernatural shows have a large chunk of contribution to overall television views. These shows are big hits and the audience just loves to watch all sorts of Ghosts, Creatures, and animals in action over the same old Saas- Bahu drama. Take a look at the top 5 supernatural shows that went on air this year!

Naagin 2 : After the tremendous success of the first season, Naagin 2 came out with a bang. It started off a little slow but then picked up pace. This resulted in a lot of people watching the show and this has taken the show at the number 1 spot on the TRP list!
Kawach… Kaali Shaktiyon Se : Kawach was an experiment that both succeeded and failed. It succeeded to fetch good viewership but it failed to deliver quality content. Even though the storyline and production of the show weren’t great, the show was very successful in terms of TRP’s.
Brahmarakshas– Jaag Utha Shaitan : Brahmarakshas recently went on-air and we have to say it was quite a good show. But what looked promising at first became quite the opposite. The show was at the top of the TRP list at first but then the ratings dipped as the show became boring.
Nagarjun – Ek Yoddha : Naagarjun is one of the most well-made series out of the lot. The show has an amazing story, Beautiful VFX, and a very nice feel to it. What’s amazing about the show is that it isn’t monotonous and the audience gave it a very positive feedback!
Vishkanya : Zee TV’s Vishkanya was an attempt to create a show around a fictional character that was lesser known. The show had a nice story, Beautiful picturization, on point VFX and it had the thrill we desired! Despite having all these qualities, the show failed to fetch good TRP’s and went off-air in a short period of time.