The wedding ceremony of Ajay (Kabeer K) and Sanjana (Chandni Bhagwanani) has definitely created high voltage drama in Zee TV’s Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi.

And all you fans of the soap can breathe easy as Bhushan would be seen forgiving the newlyweds, Ajay and Sanjana.

In the coming episodes, Pethawala family would organize a grah shanti pooja at home. Meanwhile, Shreya (Sreejita De) would come up with a new plan where she would ask a fraud ‘baba’ to tell Bhushan (Neil Bhatt) about Ajay being a curse to the family, so should not be allowed to perform the pooja.

Hence, Bhushan would send Ajay to deliver a parcel to an address that wouldn’t exist. The former would ask him to not sit for the pooja, when Mamiji would interfere and stop Ajay from leaving. A distraught Bhushan would then be forced to break his silence about Ajay being curse to the family.

This would shock the entire family, while Shreya would enjoy the scene!

However, soon Bhushan would understand his mistake and forgive Ajay and accept Sanjana as the new family member.

Would Bhushan ever realize Shreya’s evil intentions?