For all those who thought only the average controversial loving Indian audience enjoy Bigg Boss, here is some good news. The reality show has found a new die-hard fan and it happens to be none other than the illustrious Ashutosh Gowariker.

The director is so addicted to Bigg Boss (Colors) that nobody can dare to snatch the remote away from him when the show’s running on television. “The remote is mine when Bigg Boss is on.”

Ask Ashutosh what attracts him to Bigg Boss and the director says, “What I love about Bigg Boss is the changing personality of every Indian. I find that very interesting. It’s a great characterisation tool which I find very essential for writing. I find that extremely interesting.”

Though Ashutosh loves Bigg Boss he prefers to watch it as an outsider and doesn’t really wish to enter it as a participant. Quiz on him on the same and the director says, “I wouldn’t like to enter the house ever. It entails and demands a different mindset. I have too much on my hand right now that I can’t participate in Bigg Boss or any other reality show for that matter.”

Well, we are sure Ashutosh’s affinity to Bigg Boss will surely bring a smile on host Salman Khan’s face.