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Even before I begin writing the full piece, I want to clarify that I am NOT a Salman Khan fan at all and will never be one. However, one thing has to accepted unanimously that there is only one person that can handle and bring sanity to Bigg Boss and that is Salman Khan.

Yesterday was the much-awaited Weekend Ka Vaar episode which features Salman coming in and becoming the task master to the housemates, where he berates them for their wrongdoings and try to give them a clearer path.

While this is not something novel at all as he has been doing this for a long time now; his ideologies and points have always been debatable.

But, yesterday was a different case altogether and Salman was undoubtedly at his unbiased best.

We thought of dedicating this piece of write-up to the Highlight Of The Week and Low Point Of The Week, but Salman’s brilliance as the host has compelled us to tag this piece as the #SahiHai moment.

Salman’s beginning meant BUSINESS

Since frame 1, it was clear that Salman Khan meant business and there was no escaping his wrath. In other weekend confrontations, when Salman has taken someone’s case, there is usually a build-up to the saga and then fire! However, the way he was absolutely ruthless towards Zubair Khan for his foul language and even worse actions, he certainly re-assured several viewers of the show that injustice and nonsense will not be tolerated at any cost. What I loved about it even more is how he was aware when he was talking to Zubair and then other housemates. The switching of tone and approach was truly commendable.

No Favouritism

The biggest criticism Salman has faced over the years is how he has been biased towards a particular celebrity and ignored several popular beliefs. This time, that doesn’t seem to be happening. Since the launch, it seemed that Salman will have an inclination towards Akash Dadlani owing to the hilarious segment they had, but Salman was in no mood for that.

Inspite of Akash being the victim party of the violent turn of events with Priyank Sharma, Salman did not favour him unfairly. He clearly and bluntly mentioned how all the three parties involved in the case were absolutely wrong and when Akash tried to have his moment on Salman’s announcement of Priyank’s ousting, Salman shut him in style.

Did Not Spare Because You’re A Woman

Another point which has been raised by many is how Salman was biased and mellow towards a woman even if she is wrong at some instances in the previous seasons. But, that was not meant to be this time around too. What began as a Zubair slam session seemed to be going one-way forgetting the foul things Arshi Khan also mouthed and was responsible for.

But, Salman made it a point to mark them to Arshi too and gave her a piece of himself thus shutting Arshi up (which is rare in the house).

Celebrity or Commoner, You Are No Different

One small moment that may have gone unnoticed was how Salman immediately marked Sapna Chaudhary for her comment on Arshi’s clothes in the most subtle manner. He did not shout but urged Sapna to have second thoughts about her comments.

Even when it came to Hina Khan, Salman was unapologetic in marking her irrational and biased approach towards Shilpa Shinde and Zubair Khan at different instances.

No ‘I Will Not Do This Show Anymore’ Rant

The scene stealer for me was the moment Salman said, “I am not leaving this show, I will sort this people out.” Boom!

For the past two seasons, Salman has been ranting about how he will not be doing the show and it became really old and boring now. However, last night just sealed Salman’s prowess when he said the above line. Kudos to Salman for that.

There are rare cases when Salman has got unanimous support for his Weekend Ka Vaar confrontations, but this past episode deserved a special mention making it our #SahiHai moment.

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