Check out the entire drama which will lead the couple in a blissful marriage…

While Chakor has been protecting Suraj and consistently foiling Kamal Narayan’s efforts in Udaan (Colors), this time, Suraj will be seen protecting and caressing Chakor!

We saw the entire fiasco which unfolded when Chakor boarded the bus for Delhi and Suraj beat the man who had been sent to harm his lady love.

In the upcoming episodes, Chakor and Suraj will have romance steaming up preceding a matrimony! After finding success in escaping from Kamal Narayan’s trap, Chakor will be depressed analyzing all the problems she landed in and what would happen if Suraj did not come in time to protect her.

On their way to Delhi, they will reach a village where they will put up for a night. Chakor will request Suraj not to consume alcohol at least for the night, and not only will Suraj dutifully abide by her requests, but will also take care of her.

A source informs, “Chakor will not get sleep due to the problems Kamal Narayan created and hence Suraj will ease her out mentally by offering her a juice which is spiked with some alcohol. Chakor will sleep peacefully post that.”

It will be in the village that a lady will invite the duo to be a part of a celebration and will receive a lot of praises for their compatibility with each other.

It is then that Suraj will remarry Chakor and the two will also get emotional and will start valuing the matrimony.

Delhi is certainly bringing a lot of love for Suraj and Chakor. What will Kamal Narayan do now?