Colors’ Bigg Boss Season 11 (Endemol) is already on floors and we all know that this season will have commoners yet again. The show has such an immense fan following that the popularity of the common public featuring in it is at par with the celebrities that are a part of the reality TV series. While there are rumoured names flying in media for the celebrity contestants, We brings you an exclusive update about the commoners approached for the next season.

Yes! There are certain personalities who have been approached by the show’s makers to come in the house as commoners.

Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj – He was approached for the show. Mr. Bhardwaj, who has been embroiled in a lot of allegations of impersonation and speculations about him being a part of Indian army too is rife, has refused to be a part of the reality series. Shifuji calls himself a ‘grandmaster’ and in most of his pictures on his social media accounts, he is seen sporting combat attires. He is known for his temper and would have been a good contestant in the house. Alas! Not anymore.

Navpreet Banga – This is another name who has been approached for Bigg Boss. Banga became famous on the internet bcause of her slight resemblance to Priyanka Chopra. She is a weightlifter and an avid Instagrammer. The Priyanka chopra look alike has given her nod for the show and will enter the reality drama as a commoner.

Besides these two names Endemol has been trying to get some idiosyncratic contestants to break the TRPS’. The makers are looking for some family duo like Saas-bahu or Mother-daughter to be part the show as a plebian. They also want psychics (people who can feel and see ghosts), people who believe in the paranormal; the hunt for such contestant is still on.

Bigg Boss is slated to launch on 24 September on Colors.