Dadi just did the most amazing thing as a part of the wedding galore and this sequence is going to be a ‘Feels’ trip!

Naina’s wedding has been a very anticipated track in ‘Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil‘ on Star Plus.

And especially after spotting ‘Naina’ in her bridal outfit over the internet, we were super excited to see how the wedding would turn out. Digging out information about the upcoming track, we struck upon a very cute moment which will telecast in the show as a part of the wedding.

Dadi is excited about Naina’s wedding but will sense that something is incomplete about the whole affair. She hence will decide to surprise Naina by calling her mother!

Naina’s mom will fly down from her city and she will have a soul-stirring moment after meeting mother. She will hug her tightly and to watch her do that will be a heart warming experience!

Isn’t this sequence totally Aww-dorable?