A psychopathic lover, a successful woman and a MASTERMIND for sure..!

The Sony TV show, ‘Beyhadh‘ keeps coming up with mind-boggling twists and turns in almost every episode, where one gets their jaw-dropped and eyes protruded.

However, amidst the generic plot twists and turns, if there is something that has caught my eyes, it is the MASTERMIND that Maya (Jennifer Winget) is.

And, I am not even talking about how fabulously Jennifer is portraying Maya. Here, I list down and decode the times, where we saw the MASTER TACTICS that Maya exercised to capture Arjun (Kushal Tandon) and his LOVE.

Promoting Arjun and offering him a special cabin

While, this is one of the most done-and-dusted ways in the past where an obsessive lover tries to promote his/her ‘love’, who is working underneath him/her to get closer (remember Priyanka Chopra-Akshay Kumar in ‘Aitraaz’). However, this one was certainly with a difference, where Maya was so smart that she did not even let Arjun realise this even after a confrontation with Saanjh (Aneri Vajani). A fooled Arjun believed that this was only on the basis of his ‘talent’.

Proposing Arjun in a Hot-Air Balloon

While, the nature of this love proposal was itself an anomaly, one may not have noticed the dynamics and sheer brilliant strategy that Maya adopted while doing so. Why was a Hot-Air Balloon the ideal place to propose? Because, that gave Maya the surety that there is no-running away or escaping the proposal for Ajrun. Thousands of feet above the ground, in mid-air and trapped under a small cubicle, one doesn’t have many options, isn’t it?

Stopping Arjun to go and meet Saanjh in the most genius way

This one may have certainly gone unnoticed as it did not have much build up to it. However, the avid fans would remember the instance, where Arjun tells that he has to go and have lunch with Saanjh, which Maya agrees. However, we know Maya, don’t we? Instead of disagreeing directly, Maya played a masterstroke! She goes on to promote two of Arjun’s colleagues as this would mean that they throw a party in the office where Arjun would stay back on the colleagues’ urge. And I noticed it when Maya was secretly watching this conversation between Ajrun and the colleagues’ duo. Boom! What a move, isn’t it!

Getting Ayaan to be bailed where everything failed and teaching the Inspector a lesson in yet another brilliant way

One of the most recent episodes, where Ayaan (Sumit Bharadwaj) was recently jailed on false charges and that got Arjun and Saanjh panicked to infinity. Considering Saanjh’s law skills and contacts, one would have expected that Saanjh would come to Ayaan’s rescue. However, enters the one and only, Maya. Maya, being the juggernaut she is, in no time got Ayaan’s bail. However, things took a turn, when she realised Arjun was bleeding from the lower lip courtesy the Inspector’s slap. And that was it! Maya racked her brains and tricked the Inspector to a closed room, where she followed him along with Arjun and Ayaan. And with a motive to get her revenge, she slapped the Inspector real hard and made sure that the Inspector’s lower lip bleeds too, Why was it even smarter? Hitting a cop is an unforgivable offence, however, hitting a cop when no one’s watching is hitting a man, rightt?

Telling Arjun that it is okay that you don’t LOVE ME. I LOVE YOU and that is ‘MY PROBLEM’.

I am sure, witnessing this, many would have been shocked liked never before. Maya keeps thinking of new tactics and manners to obtain Ajrun and realising that Arjun is NOT IN LOVE with her and she is OKAY with it? Doesn’t seem like Maya, does it? Well, we can be rest assured that it is yet another master plan by Maya. She realised that winning over Arjun is letting loose once in a while to keep Arjun’s trust intact. However, making it to the ‘shaanti-spot’ which is only Arjun and Saanjh’s secret spot was a feat and Maya realised that things are good and will get better soon.

These are just the five prime instances which I tried to decode of Maya’s absolute brilliance which can be frightening, for sure.
Agree with them? Have some other instances on mind too? Leave in your comments below..