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As we have exclusively reported about Deepti Bhatnagar coming up with a new sitcom after Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar on SAB TV. This new show is titled as Chalti Ka Naa Gaadi.

With the latest update, we got to know about its locked telecast date and time.

Let’s have a look!

Our source informs, “The show will hit the tube from October 12 onwards taking a prime timeslot of 7:30 pm. Yes! The show will be replacing Krishan Kanhaiya.”

But wait before you start wondering… Krishan Kanhaiya is not going off air instead it is being shifting to the weekend timeslot.

OMG! Indeed there is lot of alterations, the SAB TV viewers will have to go through!

To those uninitiated, Chalti Ka Naam Gadi is a sitcom with unusual format where a a Car will be introduced as a character in the show. Romit Raj has been finalized as the male lead.