How can he steep so low to hide Sonakshi’s truth at the cost of his sister’s future…?

Recent episodes of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi left us confused, upset and disappointed on Dev. If there is one thing that Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) has been unanimously ‘good’ about, it is him being the ideal son and the doting husband that he is. Or at least he used to be… However, he no more qualifies to be one.. Wondering why? The answer lies below-

No more a responsible son… No longer a trustworthy husband

Dev may be an atheist and may not be too good at social gatherings, but two things where Dev cannot be questioned have been being the ideal son to his mother, Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar). The sheer fact that he sacrificed the love of his life for his mother’s happiness was one of the major indicators of the same. At the same time, Dev has also been the ideal husband, where the whole world including Ishwari went against Sonakshi and her claims, it was none other than Dev, who stood by her and did not back down.

Dev’s selfish choice when put in dilemma about choosing between two bitter truths.

However, Dev is currently facing the biggest dilemma of his life, where he has been trapped by Ayan as he is aware about Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) not being pregnant and the relation-break that Sonakshi and Ishwari exercised. Amidst, choosing between saving her dear sister, Rhea (Ankita Bahuguna) from marrying a sadistic, scheming and evil Ayaan and telling the truth to Sonakshi and Ishwari about Sonakshi’s pregnancy, Dev chose something, no one believed he would.

Is this apparent ‘Sacrifice’ or just ‘Bait’?

Why is a ‘sacrifice’ which is nothing else but pure ‘bait’ the only way out? Dev, who is otherwise known for his intelligence and decision making power has completely fallen prey to his selfish demeanor. Somehow, all he can think right now is his satisfaction of watching Ishwari and Sonakshi bond at the cost of her sister’s life.

Loosing temper, pushing Sonakshi, how much more are we gonna see?

While Dev’s decisions are itself a huge question mark, his actions have just made things even worse. We all know and adore the eternal love story of Dev and Sonakshi, however, we saw Dev’s ‘vicious’ side where the eyeballs popped. In his rage, Dev tried to walk away when Sonakshi tried to get hold of him and the next thing we know, he ruffled her away in a push which almost caused Sonakshi a fall. Inspite of being the one who is illogical and unreasonable, Dev’s temper is an add-on, no one wanted to see.

Dev realises what he is doing is WRONG and is still ready to do it…
Though, he is apologetic about the whole saga, being absolutely and consciously aware that he is doing the WRONG thing, he is still ready to do it.

While, we totally understand, that Dev wants to treasure the rarest instances, where Ishwari and Sonakshi have become the closest, it doesn’t justify sacrificing your little sister’s life. Dev is extremely lovable to his sisters and is even tolerating the cunning Neha (Cheshta Bhagat), but somehow his personal interests’ take center stage this time around. It is unexpected and massively shocking, where Dev, as a character took a major hit.

And it is for a lost cause..
While, he is taking such a decision for the interest of Sonakshi-Ishwari’s closeness and bonding, I am sure that not many realise that this move is absolutely for a lost cause. And why is that? He may temporarily be able to witness and cherish the bonding of Ishwari and Sonakshi, but what happens when several months pass by and there are no prominent pregnancy symptoms like a bulged-out stomach?! What answer would Dev have at that moment? That means, is Dev sacrificing his sister’s future and life for temporary happiness? Cannot get anymore convoluted, can it?

The Outcome can be a Saving Grace

As mentioned above, the outcome of this track is still a mystery, we certainly hope that, we see the Dev we know. If things happen to be the other way round, it would be nothing but an explosive shock for all the viewers.
What do you feel about Dev turning GREY and SELFISH for his own happiness and satisfaction? Leave in your comments below..