The show takes an unexpected turn!

The Upcoming track of Santoshi Maa will add a lot of drama on the show! Although it is an overused track, the show will show Dhairya being accused of Rape!

The sequence begins when Santoshi walks into a room and sees Dhairya sleeping with Sindoori! Hence, she thinks that Dhairya is cheating on her and loves Sindoori! On the other hand, Sindoori accuses Dhairya of Raping her and calls the police to arrest him!

Santoshi then realises that Dhairya can do such a thing so takes a stand for him and convinces the cops that Sindoori is lying. The cops tell them that they will be keeping a watch on him and leave. Sindoori looks agitated. Santoshi then confronts her and tells her to stay away from Dhairya and to stop using her cheap techniques to get Dhairya.