The ‘Madhubala’ of the small screen, Drashti Dhami, is making her small screen come back with Zee TV’s Ek tha Raja Ek Thi Rani. The newly married actress was perfectly charming at the launch of the show. We caught up with her to find out more about her character in the upcoming serial, and more…read on:

What made you choose this show?

Instinctively, I wanted to do it. I could sense that it was going to be a very royal show on television. From the promo itself you can see how authentic and extravagant the drama looks. It’s very different from regular TV soaps. We will take viewers back in time to magnificent palaces, vintage cars, grand costumes and ornate jewellery. Hence, I could not say no to this show.

Tell us a little about your character Gayatri…

I am playing a pampered girl-next-door. She is very strong-headed who fights for her rights. When her fiancé leaves her, the society condemns her. That’s when she would transition from a simple girl to a princess. And that’s the whole story about.

We have always seen you playing simple and homely girl. Why?

Well, I don’t see any similarities in any of my roles. Every girl is simple and they all have to fight for their rights.

You have been part of both fiction and non-fiction. Which one you find more difficult?

Both are different and challenging in their own way. Both fiction and non-fiction have their own charm and I enjoy doing them equally.

Did you ever imagine that one day you would play a princess onscreen?

I have grown up listening to fairy tales, but never thought I would play a princess one day!

Any special preparation for this role?

No special preparations as such. But we have worked hard to get the look of Gayatri right.

Do you think Gayatri will be as successful as Madhubala and Geet?

I think people have already started acknowledging me as Gayatri. First, I was known as Geet then as Madhubala and now people call me Gayatri.

Why do you always have angry young men as your love interest?

I think opposite attracts (smiles). That’s a creative call and the fact of life that I always get aggressive partners in all my shows.

How confident are you about people loving the show?

I am very confident that my show will go on for three years.

Are you open to doing other shows?

Currently, I am happy doing TV and I want to focus on this show right now.

How was the experience shooting in Bikaner?

We have shot in 45 degree heat, but I had promised myself that I won’t crib.

On the personal front, how is married life going?

It’s going well.

How has life changed post marriage?

No personal questions, please.

We wish you luck Drashti.