And there is a REPLACEMENT too…

Sony TV’s historical drama ‘Peshwa Bajirao‘ is all set to undergo some major developments as it will be introducing a leap soon.

We already reported on how actor, Karan Suchak will be playing the grown-up Bajirao post leap and here are some other developments on the show.

According to latest reports, actress, Ishita Ganguly has been roped in to play the grown-up Kashi in the show. Also, there is a replacement that will take place in the form of actress, Anuja Sathe, who currently plays Radhabai, Bajirao’s mother.

According to sources, Anuja is too young to play a mother to a grown-up Bajirao and hence will be replaced by popular actress, Rajeshwari Sachdev.

With so many changes and the leap set in place, are you excited for the future developments? Leave in your comments below..