With the latest drama of Babbal turning into a naag, SAB TV’s Ichhapyaari Naagin (Alchemy Productions) is gearing up for another twist.

In the upcoming episode of the show, viewers will get to see how Ichha (Priyal Gor) struggles hard to convert Babbal into a human being again. Hence, she will seek advice from her Guruji who would ask her to visit the Nagomidev temple with the entire Pehelwan family to seek forgiveness. However, Ichha will fail to make Babbal understand the seriousness of the situation and he would refuse to accompany her to the temple.

Later, Ichha will meet Waku and come up with a plan and would ask him to pour his poison in the milk. Ichha will consume the milk and faint. Waku will bring her home unconscious and would inform the family that she has been bitten by a snake. The doctor will say that she is critical and will keep her under observation for 24 hours. The Pehelwans would get worried. Finally, after noticing Ichha’s condition, Babbal will relent to Ichha’s wish of going to the Nagomidev temple. Babbal will tell everyone that for the sake of Ichha’s health they will need to visit the temple in Naagistan.

Upon reaching Naagistan, the Pehelwans would get scared seeing a totally different land and snakes all around. They will sit for the puja as directed by Guruji.

Will Ichha’s life get saved? Will Babbal transform into a human again?

The show lead Priyal Gor confirmed the above development.