Abhi and Pragya are fighting against time. With Bulbul and Purab’s wedding cancelled thanks to Aaliya, they now have to deal with Tanu and her parents. Abhi had promised Tanu’s parents that he would get hitched to their daughter soon after Prgya’s sister’s wedding. What will the couple do now that the stress in Mehra household has multiplied manifolds. To add to their troubles, Tanu threatens Pragya that she will reveal her pregnancy truth to Daadi if Abhi fails to live up to his promise in the next 24 hours. What will Pragya do next?

We saw how Aaliya has turned against Abhi, Tanu is worried that like his sister Abhi will also take her out of his life. Somewhere Tanu realises that Abhi and Pragya may not have consummated their relationship, but are very much in love. To add to her grief she’s also aware that the father of the baby she’s carrying is not Abhi but Nikhil. The upcoming episodes next week will finally clear the confusion around Tanu’s pregnancy. Yes, Daadi and the whole parivaar will find out that Pragya is not pregnant, but they will also soon figure out that Nikhil, not Abhi is the father of Tanu’s baby.

And yes we have a note to the makers. Tanu has been pregnant forever now, but looks like the lady has no signs of looking her part. Now we have seen how TV shows overdo pregnancy and pregnant woman, but guess coz Tanu is a model they decided to kinda underplay it a little too much, hai na? For more updates on Kumkum Bhagya come back right here!