Strong and sensible, and an epitome of beauty, Devika aka Aparna Dixit truly rules hearts in Life OK’s Kalash.

The Life OK drama that started off as the tale of a woman who fights injustice has slightly changed track. With an equal dose of love, romance and emotions running high, Kalash has become a favourite among masses. Also Devika’s love story with Ravi is quite enjoyed by all.

Indian women are known to be powerful and with valour that could shake the world. All you lovely ladies, if you too have the following qualities in you, then be happy to say that you too are like Devika!


Even with a family backing you, have you managed to set goals for yourself and successfully achieved them? If you are not scared to dream and make them true, then you have it in you to be Devika. You are confident and trust yourself and that makes you someone to look up to.

True friend
Apart from being a family girl, Devika is also a true friend. From going all out to help a needy friend to being there for her cousins, she is someone we would like to be by our side. If you too value friendship and relationships, you are truly like Devika.

Supporting partner

Even though Devika-Ravi’s marriage was more of a compromise, Devika gave her heart and soul to the same. Though news of Ravi’s warring affairs shook her, she stood by his side. Yes, the recent tracks did show a different side of Devika who is seeking revenge from Ravi for being an unfaithful partner. But somewhere down the line, she still pines for him. Are you one like this?

Believe in God

The show started off as a daily where the protagonist has utmost faith in God. If you too believe in the almighty and feel assured that nothing wrong can happen to you, you are someone like Devika truly. With such sanctity, God too has always been kind to you.

Strong and confident

A woman who is fierce, confident and strong- that’s the real identity of Devika. If no problems in life can deter you from standing strong, you are the woman of today’s time. From handling personal and professional duties to taking care of people around you, she has done it all. We love Devika for this, isn’t it?
So among these qualities, what do you have? Let us know in the comment box below.