Maya to confess her love for Jai before her father in the upcoming episodes.

COLORS’ thrilling espionage drama series 24 Season 2 has entertained the audience through some intense drama and major plot twists in the weeks since its launch.

In this weekend’s episode of the show, the drama will increase manifold as certain circumstances lead Maya (Surveen Chawla) to confess her love for Jai Singh Rathod (Anil Kapoor) before her father Omkar (Yashodhan Bal)

Maya will also be seen telling Omkar that Jai Singh Rathod has promised her that he will bring them out of Haroon Sherchan’s (Sikander Kher) hell and permit them to escape.

Further, she will also ask Omkar to ensure that Jai Singh Rathod gets all the help he needs, so that he remains safe and can save them.

But will Omkar agree? Will he accept Maya and Jai’s relationship or will he reject it and inform Haroon Sherchan about the truth?

Don’t miss 24 Season 2 this Saturday and Sunday, at 9 PM, only on COLORS to find out what do the episodes to come have in store!