Guruodev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada’s popular daily Naamkaran is coming up with some major drama in its ongoing episodes.

In the recent episodes of the daily, the viewers have seen how Neil (Zain Imam) and Avni (Aditi Rathore) had separated with a motive to find Juhi’s (Poonam Preet) missing daughter Mishti.

Now, we hear in the upcoming episodes of the series, Neil will go ahead with yet another plan because he will be harbouring a different motive –

According to our source, Juhi will be declared dead!

Shocking! Isn’t it?

Our source further informs us, “Neil will plan a fake death of Juhi. The family would come to know that Gurumaa’s goons were chasing Juhi and trying to kill her and she had to be rushed to the hospital afterwards wherein she was declared dead. However, in reality, Juhi will be kept hidden secretly at some safe place.”

What is Neil’s real motive behind Juhi’s fake death? Do share your thoughts with us.

We tried but could not reach to Poonam and Zain for a comment.

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