The actress had a major showdown with the director of the show..

While, ‘Naagin 2‘ continues to rule the TRP charts, the things happening behind the scenes of the show don’t seem to be as pleasing as the numbers.

The off-screen camaraderie between the actors of the show is evident and infectious, but it seems things have taken a drastic change recently.

According to a leading news portal, there was a major showdown on the sets of the show, where veteran actress Sudha Chandran, who plays Yamini in the show, had a showdown with the director of the show, Kushal Zaveri.

According to sources, things ignited when Kushal marked Sudha for holding the script on set.

Sudha mentioned that Kushal had a problem with her holding the script on the set and said that it got her shocked that if not a script, should she hold a glass of beer?

She also said that the script-handling was a problem as apparently, the director felt that she never reads her script in advance and does so, while shooting, which causes a delay in the shoot. She asked that how is it humanly possible to learn all the lines at one glance! This allegation shocked her as she has a portfolio experience of three decades with herself and no one can point fingers at her professionalism.

Post the showdown, Sudha completed her scene and went to her vanity as she respects her work. She has informed the production house about the issue and they were considerate to come to the sets to solve it. However, Kushal did not apologise and insisted that he was right. Sudha hopes to get justice in this issue.

What happens if that is not gonna be done? Will Sudha QUIT the show? Only time will tell.

We hope things get sorted soon..!