SHOW’S NAME: Phir Bhi Na Maane..Badtameez Dil

PRODUCED BY: Saurabh Tewari Films

CAST: Pearl V. Puri, Anjali Mukhi, Asmita Sood, Suyyash Rai, Ayub Khan and Indresh Malik

TIME: Monday-Saturday at 8:30 pm on Star Plus

STORY SO FAR: Abheer (Pearl V. Puri), a rich guy… an excellent singer with a huge fan following is shown singing the track Mere Nishan, originally sung by India’s Raw Star singer Darshan Raval, for a show on a music channel. The company owning the channel is currently managing its operations from the revenue earned from Abheer’s show. To save it, the channel needed to take a plunge and to do so, the owner (Indresh Malik) hired a business head Meher Purohit (Asmita Sood). As Meher and Abheer face each other, both encounter a flashback of memories spent together. We can call it a love and hate bond. The duo got divorced eight years as they failed to save their marriage. As Meher tries to make changes to save the channel, Abheer decides not to follow her. He performs a solo during a show to prove his fan following and quits from the channel. He challenges Meher to manage the channel without him for eight days.


1. New characters… new beginning, but the concept is stale.

2. The fights between Abheer and Meher to some extent resemble RK and Madhubala.

3. The drunken Abheer also somewhat behaves like a drunken singer, exactly like Aditya Roy Kapur did in Aashiqui 2.

4. Ayub Khan is enacting the role of Abheer’s father, who keeps on taunting him. Quite a similar appearance again!

5. Indresh Malik’s hypertension nature does not look quite impressive. After some time, the situation does not appear convincing.

6. The scenes are quite predictable.

7. It shows the aggressive attitude of Abheer towards Meher. And Meher keeps on tolerating it.


1. Asmita looks stunning in some of the scenes.

2. The song Mere Nishan, sung by Darshan Raval, is simply amazing. You would simply love to hear it again and again.

3. The entire set-up of the show is impressive.


We are acquainted with such love stories on the small box. The fights between the couple, even if they love each other, sometimes becomes too much and unnecessary. The only difference here is the duo is divorced. It will take ages to sort out their differences and be together again. If we compare it from other love stories on television, would certainly prefer other. It’s time to introduce something new.