Sher Singh to approach the police with a proof of his mother’s evil intentions!

Life OK’s Piya Rangrezz is all set to introduce a new twist in the story line where all the characters will be seen adding some spice to the upcoming drama.

We all are aware of the fact that Bhanwari Devi (Narayani Shastri) sent Rani (Sapna Thakur) to seduce Sher Singh (Gaurav S Bajaj) by spiking his drink in order to create turbulence in Sher and Shraddha’s relationship.

While Shraddha (Kirtida Mistry) found the truth about this and confronted Bhanwari Devi, we wonder what the repercussions of their relationship will be like? Also, will Sher ever find out this truth?

We contacted our credible source who said, “Yes, Sher Singh will find out this fact and will punish Bhanwri Devi. Out of curiosity to find the culprit, Sher Singh will secretly install cameras in his room. Rani spiking his drink and a series of confrontations between Bhanwari Devi and Shraddha will be recorded in the same room while he will be in an unconscious state of mind.”

Interesting… so what happens next? Now that Sher Singh will find out the truth that it is none other than his mother behind the conspiracy, how will he punish her?

A little birdie informed us, “Sher Singh has always stood against the crime and the injustice being done to the innocent. He earlier pardoned Bhanwari Devi when she forcefully got Shraddha married to him and this is the second time she plotted a vicious plan. Hence, this time around, Sher Singh will approach the cops with the video recording and Bhanwari Devi will be put behind bars!”

Off what we hear, Shraddha’s character will also undergo a transition where she will now be seen as a strong woman speaking up for what is right unlike the shy and submissive lady we have seen on television until now.

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