When ridiculous norms meet grim reality.. Rating – ***1/2 (3.5/5)

And finally, after a long wait, the Param Singh-Niti Taylor starrer, ‘Ghulaam‘ is finally here. The first promo of the show has released and there are a lot of factors to be talked about.

Even before we get into the what’s good and what’s not-so-good, it can safely be said that ‘Ghulam’ is here for a change.

What’s Good

In the village of Behrampur, where a marriage procession is going on, the setting and the backdrop is absolutely raw, which makes it even more compelling. We are talking about a village, so the look and feel has to be that of a village, right?

The marriage procession and the crowd shown has the quintessential ‘Indian touch’ to it. It is not a lavish, sophisticated marriage affair; it is a village function and it appears to be one.

Vikas Manaktala is the star of the promo and we haven’t seen this side of the actor so far. From being the Casanova Cadet Hooda in ‘Left Right Left’ to the vicious bad guy in ‘Main Naa Bhulungi’, Vikas has gone for a complete character transformation with ‘Ghulam’. In barely a few seconds, he steals the show with his fantastic portrayal of a dark, reckless and spoilt man who is married.

The crux is revealed when Vikas’ character tells that how does it matter that the bride’s face is not visible, as the bride comes in a rucksack, tied and trapped. Okay, what? Well, yes! The grim reality is exposed to the viewers about one of the most ridiculous norms about getting the bride trapped in a sack.

Param Singh may not be ‘completely’ in the promo, but his presence, where he is picking up the trapped-bride-in-a-rucksack and has intense eyes makes his presence felt totally. The camera angles have impeccably captured the angst, fury, and intensity of the character of Param Singh.

The background score certainly deserves a special mention, especially when Param Singh’s character walks in slow motion with the trapped bride on his shoulders. It is gripping and absolutely fantastic.

What’s Not-So-Good?
Just like several Niti Taylor fans must be feeling right now, we too were left disappointed when we saw no presence of Niti in the promo. Assuming that bride in the rucksack to be Niti, we can be relatively glad.
Though things look promising, there is a certain ‘seen-this-before’ feel to the promo. We hope that isn’t the case and the show is good as it appears to be.

The Verdict
Ghulam’ is totally raw, gritty and impressive. From the first frame till the last, it grips you as a viewer. The thrills are amazing and the music complements the mood of the show. Taking into account Vikas Manaktala’s amazing comeback, rest assured about great acting performances from Param Singh and Niti Taylor too.

Rating – ***/1 (3.5/5)