&TV’s Adhuri Kahani Hamari (4 Lions) is leaving no stones unturned to impress viewers with a different storyline.

As loyal viewers recently witnessed Karan (Laksh Lalwani) and Dayani (Deepshikha Nagpal) planning to kill Radhika (Mahima Makwana).

Now a reliable source shared, “Karan will strangle Radhika on their date with his handkerchief. On the other hand, Dayani will use her powers to find the naagin. Dayani’s magic will reveal that the naagin is in Krish’s (Laksh Lalwani) room. But strangely when she would reach there, she will only find the snake skin. Dayani would then chant some prayers and would be shocked to get a visual of Radhika shape-shifting into a snake.”

Furthermore, Karan will be shocked to see that his attempt to kill Radhika would be futile. And then, she would reveal to him that she is the icchadhari nagin. Radhika would attack Karan, but he will manage to escape. Dayani will then get a glimpse that Karan’s life is in danger.

OMG! Too much of drama for fans…

Will Dayani come as a savior for Karan? Will Radhika ever find Krish?

We tried reaching Mahima but she remained unavailable for comment.

Watch the exciting episode soon…