Find out why does Rajni want to burn Shaan alive? How will Shaan save himself?

Life OK show Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant has impressed the masses with it’s unique story line and the sizzling chemistry of the lead characters in the show. A robot romancing and having feelings for a human is definitely a unique story and the humour element has everything going in favour of the show.

However, the upcoming twist is going to shock everyone as, Rajni will want to burn Shaan alive!

But why?

Well, Rajni will read the newspaper where there would be a mention of how wives should burn their husbands alive as they are bad beings who ill treat others. Rajni too would hold a flambeau in her hand and will march towards Shaan in order to burn him alive! But any idea who seeded this thought in Rajni’s mind?

A source informs, “RAM, who is very possessive about Rajni handed over this newspaper to her and got her to read the news about how wives should burn their husbands so that Rajni too would follow the suit. Now that Rajni is determined to kill Shaan, it will be interesting to watch how the victim saves himself!”