Tumhari Paakhi comes up with an interesting track as Riya starts working by accepting Paakhi’s challenge.

Life OK’s show Tumhari Paakhi is doing extremely well to attract the eyeballs of masses. It is coming up with an interesting sequence where Paakhi will convey Riya to work by using reverse psychology.

In the last few episodes the viewers have witnessed that Riya is reluctant to accept Veer( Varun Badola) as her father so Paakhi (Shraddha Arya) is trying to solve the disputes between Veer and Riya. We have also seen that Paakhi and Veer have taken a step forward in their blooming friendship.

As per our sources, “Pakhi will use reverse psychology on Riya because Riya is a person who always does opposite to what she says. So Paakhi challenges Riya to work and make a name for herself. Riya will accept this as challenge and to prove Paakhi wrong she will take up a project of designing shoes. When Veer comes to know about this he calls for a celebration they go for having Pani Puri whereas Paakhi challenges for a pani puri competition against Veer.”

Will Riya change after taking up work? Who will be the winner in the competition?