SAB TV’s Trideviyaan (Full House Media) with its unique mix of comedy and action is taking a romantic twist this week.

The Indian women portrayed living dual lives, fighting crime and managing domestic issues are planning a special surprise for their husbands. After a successful crackdown of an important case, the ladies want to reward their respective partners with an evening full of romance.

The two popular characters Dhanu (Aishwarya Sakhuja) and Tanu (Samaira Rao) will be seen in completely different avatars in the upcoming track.

Tanu will decide to make the evening special for Garv (Winy Tripathi) by re-living her wedding night. She would even plan to dress up as a bride and will ask Garv to bring some flowers for her. Meanwhile, Dhanu will choose to show up as her husband Shaurya’s (Anshul Trivedi) favourite film character; i.e. Daaku Rani.

However, the romantic surprise by Tanu and Dhanu will not turn out to be exactly as they had planned. Because, Garv will misinterpret Tanu’s request and will bring home puja garlands instead of romantic flowers. While, Dhanu’s Daaku Rani avatar which was meant for only Shaurya, will get exposed to another family members.

Commenting on the track, Aishwarya Sakhuja, said, “The viewers will now see me in a total new avatar of Daaku Rani. It was fun to shoot in the get up, but it will be more interesting to see how the excitement will turn into a fiasco when a nosy family member will see me infront of Shaurya.”

Apart from the dhamakedaar episode, gear up to watch a new entry in the show.

We have heard that Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum actor Avdeep Sidhu is roped in to play the character of NRI Nikhil. He will be psychotherapist paired opposite Manu (Shalini Sahuta). His entry will further spice up the plot.

Avdeep confirmed the development with us.