Colors’ newly launched daily Savitri Devi College & Hospital (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms) has kicked started well, depicting the journey of an ambitious girl Saanchi Mishra (Swarda Thigale) who aspires to become a well known doctor following her mother’s (Shilpa Shirodkar) dream.

In the initial episodes we have seen how Saanchi stepped in the famous Savitri Devi Hospital to pursue her dreams as an intern. Dr. Kabir (Mohan Kapur) who didn’t want her to join the college, tried his best to keep her at bay. Saanchi had to struggle a lot to get a place as an intern in the college despite all the evil motives of Dr. Kabir.

Now we hear that, in the upcoming episodes, Saanchi will finally manage to get an entry in the college as an intern but how is her first day at college going to be…

Our source informs us, “Saanchi and Veer (Varun Kapoor) will meet near the washroom in the college, and Veer will play a prank on Saanchi by turning off the water supply in the washroom and eventually, Saanchi will get late for the class. Saanchi’s late arrival to the class will irk Dr. Kabir and after taunting her, he will punish Saanchi and ask to reorganize the record room.”

We tried but could not reach the actors for a comment.

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