SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions) family, which hails from Benaras, will soon come down to Mumbai.

Yes, the family will visit the maximum city to attend Babuji’s (Rajendra Gupta) very good friend’s grand daughter’s wedding.

Excited about the invitation, all family members will head to Mumbai in a jolly mood. But their happiness would be short lived.

After reaching Mumbai the entire family will be misguided and exploited. The family based in Mumbai will make them work around the clock. Being innocent, the Chidiya Ghar family will do all the work happily.

Later they will learn about all the tactics and give them back in their own style.

We called Aditi Sajwan aka Koel who confirmed and shared, “Yes, we all are excited to go to Mumbai but what happens there is for viewers to watch.”

This particular sequence will air from next week.