We wonder what is up with the saga..

Ever since the popular show Shani has taken it’s much-talked about leap, speculations are going around whether the lead star Salil Ankola will continue being a part of the show or not. Well according to recent developments, we hear that the makers have made some changes in the show and it has left with a big question that is Salil still part of the show or not?

A source from sets has informed that, Salil who was playing the character of Surya Dev will now be seen in a graphical avatar. In an upcoming episode, Mahadev will introduce Suryadev as a ball of fire, a graphical image of Surya which will have the voice of a human being. The source informs that the makers are trying hard to retain the character of Surya and therefore are using the graphical representation of Salil’s character. So does this mean that Salil is no more a part of the show?

Well, these questions are a mystery for all the fans who are eagerly waiting for Salil to be on screen. Guess, only time will be able reveal the truth behind all the developments!