He added his own brand of humour making it truly entertaining.

It is said that Salman Khan added his personal touch to the promos of Bigg Boss 11. Such is his attachment to the show that he decided to add some songs by twisting its lyrics to up the fun quotient of the sequence.

For the first promo, Salman was required to water a plant and get bullied by a neighbour over tea. The actor was quick to sing ‘Gamle Mein Rehne Do’ an adaptation of the popular song, Parde Mein Rehne Do to suit the hilarious situation at hand. In another impromptu move, Salman added another twist by introducing ‘Bigg Boss Gyarah’ in his famous song tune ‘Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Taara’.

Commenting on Salman Khan’s spontaneous singing, a source from the sets said, “During the promo shoot Salman talks about different kinds of neighbours and while shooting, he suddenly surprised everyone by asking them if he could improvise the promo by adding a hint of his personality. And soon after, he was singing! He added his own brand of humour to the sequences making it truly entertaining.”

Adding a unique twist to the tale is this seasons theme, the Bigg Boss inmates will have neighbours.

Yes, you read it right! The theme of the upcoming season of the show will revolve around Padosis and will bring together a unique mix of neighbourly figures that one typically finds in a locality. Be it the greedy neighbour who has never ending wants, or the gossip monger who you can chatter with for hours, or the annoying one who will relentlessly interfere in your matters or the cute boy next door who you have a secret crush on, the Bigg Boss house will see it all!