“It’s nothing you have seen before.” – Gurdeep Kohli

Gurdeep Kohli made a major comeback to TV. The actress who is still known for her roles as Dr. Juhi in ‘Sanjivani’ has gone through a drastic change in avatar. She went from playing the role of a healer to one of a ruler!

She is now seen on Zee TV’s ‘Sethji‘ and in a chat with India-Forums, she chalked down what’s new –

‘Sethji’ has Gurdeep Kohli playing Ahilya, a strong matriarch of her village.

We spoke to her about her take on the character and the position of women on screen. When asked why she picked the character (which is a huge contrast to her most well-known on-screen role) and she told us, “For me, it’s always been about the story and the substance”.

When asked about the distinguished role she has opted for, the actress stated, “With the kind of vast experience I’ve had, I think this role justifies my abilities as an actor”.

Gurdeep is proud to bring this kind of a character to the Indian audience.

She averred, “It sets an example. Mostly Indian TV sees women as the maa or the bahu, but this show shatters the stereotypes. The whole show is on (about) me.” she added.

The actress is all set to take on the changing face of women on TV.

Gurdeep quipped, “In Sethji, the woman is no less than a man. She is masculine but she is beautiful. It’s nothing you have seen before.”

Ahilya has taken it just a little further as she rules in her village with an iron fist. Gurdeep also acknowledged a balance women need to maintain.

We love how the actress carries her experience while stepping into the new generation of powerful actresses! What do you think?