Will Swara forgive Sanskaar?

Now awaits a confrontation sequence where the bad guy, Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) will be seen in good light on Colors’ Swaragini!

We earlier reported on how Sanskaar will disguise himself in a Rajasthani – Kedia Marwari look and will drug Swara (Helly Shah) as a part of his vicious prank and plotting against the family.

In an upcoming sequence the viewers will witness that Swara will have a recorded proof of Sanskaar drugging her and will confront him for the same. While the duo will argue and Sankaar will try to destroy the video, he will realize how wrong it was to create turbulence in her life.

A source informs, “Sanskaar will have a reality-check where he will realize that his fight is with Lakshya (Namish Taneja) and Durga Prasad (Nagesh Salwan) and not Swara; it was wrong of him to target Swara and create problems in her life. He will feel guilty about this and will try to rectify his relationship with Swara.”

Will Swara forgive Sanskaar?

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