Sita who has been seen as a calm and composed woman will now transform into BhadraKaali…

Siya Ke Ram on Star Plus has reached the most engaging point in the show where Ram (Ashish Sharma) battles against Ravan (Karthik Jayaram) to prove that truth will forever triumph over evil.

In the episodes to come, we will see how Sita (Madirakshi Mundle) who has been seen as a calm and composed woman will transform into BhadraKaali with the same motive! She will take the form to kill Ravan and bring an end to the injustice done to all the women.

Ram attacked Ravan’s navel and all the holy members of the era cheered but his immortality has not been destroyed as the evil takes a bigger form by taking the avatar of Sahastra Raavan!

When Sahastra Raavan will strike Ram, Sita will transform into BhadraKaali’s avatar and will act as a protector of Ram. Armed with ten hands and weapons, the show is gearing up for the big war between BhadraKaali and Sahastra Raavan, just like Ram and Ravan’s Dharm Yudh!

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