Drama is at its peak in Star Plus’ popular show Jaana Na Dil Se Door (Beyond Dreams).

The action packed episodes have left people asking for more. And now in the coming episodes, Ravish (Shashank Vyas) will take control and pack some punch to add more power to the already interesting plot.

As seen so far, Zeenat’s (Firoza Khan) husband Waseem was a terrorist and was killed by Ravish. Hence, the lady is in the Vashisht family to take revenge of his husband’s death.

Loyal viewers of the show will witness Zeenat abducting the entire Vashisht family. However, Ravish will manage to learn about Zeenat’s plan and he will fight back to save his family. She will reveal the reason behind the kidnapping plan to Ravish and his family.

Furthermore, she will be sent to jail for more interrogation.

This is how Firoza’s stint in the show will end.

When we contacted Firoza, she confirmed the development.

Are you excited for the upcoming track?