The actor talks about the quality of scripts that hold importance…

Actor Summit Bhardwaj is certainly in the best phase of his career as he currently stars as the lead in Star Bharat’s critically acclaimed show, Ayushaman Bhava.

And the actor has certainly had one of a kind journey, where he played the leading role in an ensemble cast of Shastri Sisters and went on to play a supporting yet powerful character in Sony TV’s Beyhadh. And now, once again, playing the lead in Ayushman Bhava, the actor seems to have done it all.

In a candid chat with the actor, we asked him on how does it feel to be playing a lead role again in Ayushman Bhava after Beyhadh. To this he said, “It feels amazing. I am an actor and it doesn’t really matter whether my stint in a show is that of a supporting role or a lead. As long as the script is nice, I am certain of enjoying each and every character that comes along my way in the future.”

We certainly feel the same!