Sahil Salathia, one of the leads of EVEREST, who is also a newbie on television is super excited these days. Not only is he getting rave reviews for his first stint in acting but he is also appearing to be television’s new style icon.

When he was walking the red carpet for the BIG Star Entertainment Awards scheduled to air on Star Plus on New Year eve, we heard him gushing about how excited he is for his first red carpet moment. He says, “I wanted to keep it classic for a big night like this and considering it’s my first BIG red carpet moment, who better than RockyS to bring in the magic!”

Also few weeks back when he attended a Vogue event, he was nominated as “The Most Dapper Gentlemen of them all” And the only other person nominated with Sahil was Hrithik Roshan.

So someone seems to be on cloud nine with all the excitement in his life and compliments coming his way.