A household name, Dance India Dance is back with its fifth instalment. It seems like a revised version with new altercations:


The show has a new panel of judges this time. You are familiar with the faces, but never wondered to see them judging a show. The three M’s, as in Masters, of the show are: Master Mudassar, Master Gaiti and Master Punit.


Master Mudassar, or Mudassar Khan, is the winning master of DID season 4. Quite a happy-go-lucky person, what annoys about him is his hand gestures throughout the episodes. Any performance, be it good or bad, he distracts the frame with his hand gestures. As a master or judge, sometimes, you might feel that he is going over the top.


Master Gaiti, or Gaiti Siddiqui, is a choreographer and has an experience of nearly 15 years. It’s her debut as a judge, though she has been a part of DID behind the camera for a long time. As a judge, she notices everything about the contestant. But in certain judgments, she resembles choreographer Geeta Kapur.


Master Punit, or Punit J Pathak, has been one of the strongest contestants during DID Season 2. He has curated a way for himself through his hardwork and dedication towards dance. So far, he has represented himself decently.


The selected candidates, during the audition round, will be divided into the three teams: Mudassar Ki Mandali, Gaiti Ke Gangsters and Punit Ke Panthers and will be mentored by the judges. Soon, they will be seen challenging each other.


Mithun Chakraborty, also known as Mithun Da, will be seen mentoring in the dance reality show Dance India Dance as the grand master.


Masters defined the three P’s of Dance India Dance Season 5 as Passion, Potential and Perfection.


During any reality show, especially which does not include celebrity as contestants, many instances happen that compels one to ponder that either it’s being done for TRP or it’s a cheap act. For instance, when a contestant comes to perform and gets over-enthusiastic about a judge. One such thing happened during the DID 5 episode when a girl confessed her love for Master Punit and went overboard to express her love. And it was also supported by the other two judges… Surprising! Another incident was the prank that was played by Master Mudassar and Master Gaiti on Master Punit again. Why can’t it be all about something new, fresh and clean?


No matter how much drama a reality show tries to instill in it, it’s always a place to fulfil one’s dream. Mohammed Tausif was one such example. There are many more like him who look for a medium to enter into this medium and create a niche for themselves.


Throughout the audition episode, all the dance performances were contemporary, hip-hop, ballet, jazz… something that we have seen earlier also. It’s time to find something new now. Isn’t it?