The show enjoyed a run of 2 years.

&TV’s ‘Gangaa‘ was one of the channel’s pioneer shows, when it was introduced back then.

The show focuses on how a child, Gangaa (Ruhana Khanna) is widowed right after her marriage and how she struggles to restructure her life as she grows up.

The show soon took a leap of 10 years which saw the introduction of actress, Aditi Sharma as the now grown up Gangaa, who falls in love but as she is a widow, she is not allowed the worldly pleasures as others. The show then took a leap again with Gangaa’s daughter trying to bring back her parents who were shown to be separated.

The show also underwent a total revamp, with the makers only retaining the lead, Gangaa and replacing all other characters. They also went on to bring on board actor, Shakti Anand as Shiv, the new man in Gangaa’s life.

Despite all the attempts by the makers to keep the show interesting, the channel has planned to pull the plug on the show due to dipping ratings.

‘Gangaa’ will bid goodbye to the audience in the first week of June and will be replaced by ‘Paramavatar Shri Krishna’.