The question as to what happened to Ashish will finally be answered.

Star Plus’ Naamkarann is currently focusing on Neil (Zain Imam) and Avni (Aditi Rathore) executing their plan of trapping Dayavanti (Ragini Shah) to confess her crimes. And while Neil knows about all of Dayavanti’s dirty tricks, thanks to Avni, there is one fact that will come to fore; something that even Avni and Neil would be unaware of.

Ashish’s murderers are actually his mother Dayavanti and brother Ketan (Puru Chibber).

While Viraf’s character Ashish has not been seen on the show post leap, off lately, Ashish has been mentioned in a few conversations between Avni and Neil. And this is what led to Viraf’s return to the show, albeit for a flashback scene.

Soon, the show’s story line will shift to Ashish and his murderer. It so happens that Ashish gets some photographs which are proof that it was his mother Dayavanti who killed his wife Asha and not Avni.

Overcome by guilt for having blamed his daughter, Ashish confronts Dayavanti and Ketan and the trio get into an argument, during which, they push Ashish (in the spur of the moment) and he falls on a wooden cupboard, which leads to his death.

And Dayavanti, just like her other crimes, covers it up.